Every client is different and seeks out massage for different reasons. Massage therapists are just as unique.

Even though you’re all part of the same professional community, each massage therapist has unique skills and finds joy from the profession in different ways. When it comes to massage, you know that the “best massage” isn’t just about consistency—it’s about personalizing each experience for your clients like only you can.

1.Bodywork Brainiac

You’re equally at home with your head in an anatomy book, at a continuing education class, or practicing a massage technique. You’re the one others seek out when they need advice on the massage therapy craft.

2.Hands-On Hero

You greet each day knowing you can heal the world one massage at a time. A tweaked neck? A tight shoulder? People know you’ll be the first to answer the call to help.

3.Un-Knotting Ninja

Like any self-respecting therapist, you possess a calm demeanor that immediately puts clients at ease. Your “spa” voice could be classified as an auditory sedative. It’s a badge of honor when clients drift off to sleep on the table.

4.Mindfulness Maker

You’re a hippie at heart and you’re happiest with the smell of aromatherapy in the air and your healing hands bringing back balance to a weary body. That special drive to help others is evident in everything you do.

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